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    1. pressure sensors
      pressure transducer
      Ceramic pressure sensor
      Piezoresistive pressure sensors
      Ceramic capacitive pressure sensors
      Temperature sensors
      Ceramic pressure sensors

      Recommend Pressure Sensors

      Pressure sensor chip is a device that senses pressure and converts it into an electrical signal. The signal output depends on the pressure applied. Jiucheng specializes in the design and manufacture of sensor products. As a leading manufacturing ,We are not only to supply the high quality products,but also the excellent after sales service, well-trained engineers will offer you any technical support.

      • Pressure Transmitter
      • Differential Pressure Transmitter
      • Level Pressure Transmitter
      • Temperature Transmitter
      • Switch and Display

      Recommend Pressure Transmitters

      Jiucheng specializes in the design and manufacture of sensor transmitters based on your technical requirements, high stability and accuracy for a variety of applications. Talk to us today!

      Pressure Sensors and Transmitters Application
      Our pressure sensors and pressure transmitters have been widely used in aerospace, military, petroleum, chemical, power plants, automation equipment manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.
      oil industry pressure sensor
      Oil industry
      paper industry pressure transmitter
      Paper Industry
      smart factory pressure sensor
      Smart Factory
      intelligent city pressure transmitter
      Intelligent City
      electric power industry pressure sensor
      Power Industry
      new energy pressure transmitter
      New Energy
      metallurgical industry pressure sensor
      steel industry pressure transmitter
      Steel Industry
      medical industry pressure transmitter
      Medical Industry
      chemical factory pressure sensor
      Chemical Factory
      heavy machinery pressure transmitter
      Heavy Machinery
      transportation pressure sensor
      environment pressure transmitter
      medicine pressure sensor
      food and beverage pressure transmitter
      Transmitter FAQ
      HM25 High Temperature Industrial Pressure Sensor Overview HM25 high temperature industrial pressure sensor is provide……
      HM27 Vacuum Pressure Sensor Overview: As a new series product specially used for vacuum measurement and control, HM27……
      HM21F Anti-lightning Liquid Level Transducer Overview: HM21F anti-lightning liquid level transducer is used to measur……

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