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      • Differential Pressure Transmitter
      • Differential Pressure Transmitter
      • Differential Pressure Transmitter
      • Differential Pressure Transmitter


      NAME:JC63051 Differential Pressure Transmitter

      JC63051 intelligent differential pressure transmitter is a new type of instrument researched and developed by our company according to international advanced technology combined with many domestic technologies. This instrument adopts micro-processing technology for temperature characteristic and non-linear compensation

      JC63051 Differential Pressure Transmitter

      ●Differential Pressure Transmitter Overview

      JC63051 intelligent differential pressure transmitter is a new type of instrument researched and developed by our company according to international advanced technology combined with many domestic technologies. This instrument adopts micro-processing technology for temperature characteristic and non-linear compensation, thus having greatly enhanced the measurement accuracy of the instrument, improved the temperature characteristic and expanded the turndown ratio. Besides, intelligent functions can be added, which further meets the requirements of high reliability and high stability of the instrument at the industrial sites. The adoption of digital technology in the capacitive pressure / differential pressure transmitter not only ensures high reliability of the instrument and other superior performance, but also realizes the remote digital connection between the intelligent instrument and the control room to ensure rapid and reliable communication. The control room can remotely enquire into or make a real–time configuration of the transducer. The sensitive elements of this intelligent transducer are the same as those of general JC61151 Differential Pressure Transmitter of capacitive transducers and featured by stability and reliability.


      ●Working Principle of ?Differential Pressure Transmitter

      The intelligent PCB integrates converting circuit and processing circuit into one circuit using advanced IC and SMT technology. The micro-processor of the transmitter controls the A / D and D / A converting module and performs digital communication and self-diagnosis function. When working, the micro-processor controls the A / D converting module for sampling conversion of the analog signals from the sensitive elements and converts them into digital signal so that the micro-processor can process it, including signal linearization, temperature compensation, engineering unit conversion etc. The micro-processor can also complete sensor characterization, measuring range, damping time, and other functions. E2PROM stores all the configurations and tuning parameters. Because the memory is a non-volatile memory (NVM), the parameters stored will not be lost in case of power failure. The PC working station or personal digital assistant (PDA) is used to configure and test the parameters or complete communication with any upper system supporting HART protocol. HART protocol uses industrial standard BELL202 frequency shift keying (FSK) technology to realize communication with the 1200HZ2200HZ digital signals overlapped on 4 ~ 20mA signal. The frequency signal during communication will not disturb the process signal. This intelligent capacitive transducer can perform online real-time self-diagnosis. This?differential pressure transmitter has a presetting value of 3.9mA before delivery if it has 21mA or 3.9mA output.


      ●Intelligent Differential Pressure TransducerFeatures

      *High accuracy
      *Good stability
      *Small size, light weight, solid and vibration resistant
      *Good compatibility, compatible with products of other companies in line with HART protocol
      *Support the user to use handheld unit 272 / 275 or PC for software debugging and for real-time configuration of the instrument during its running.
      *Can conduct intelligent linearization for pressure signal to ensure higher accuracy of measurement.

      ●Quick Selection Table

      Ordering instructions
      1) If there is positive and negative migration, the migration value must be indicated;
      2) If the differential pressure transducer needs to be equipped with three-valve manifold, throttling device, this shall be specified separately;
      3) For the purchase of a remote transducer, differential pressure transmitter shall be determined based on the needs as per the different remote flange selection table;
      4) If the remote transducer needs to be used in a vacuum and high temperature situation, it shall be specially indicated in the order;
      5) The material of contacting medium O-ring includes nitrile rubber and fluorine rubber.

      Measured medium Liquid, gas, or vapor
      Power supply 12—–45V, 24V DC generally
      Indicating gauge LCD gauge
      Explosion-proof a. Flameproof type dⅡBT4,b. Intrinsically safe type? iaⅡCT6
      Measuring range & zero point Externally and continuously adjustable
      Positive and negative immigration The lower and upper limit of the measuring range shall not exceed the range limit after positive and negative immigration.
      Max. positive immigration: 500% of the min. measuring range
      Max. negative immigration: 600% of the min. measuring range
      Temperature range The range of operating temperature for the amplifier: -29 ~ +93℃
      The measuring element filled with silicon oil : -40 ~ +104℃
      Flange-type transducer filled with high-temperature silicon oil: +15 ~ +315℃; that filled with general silicon oil: -40 ~ +150℃
      Volume intake capacity <0.16cm3
      Damping (step response) Continuously adjustable generally between 0.2s ~ 1.67s when filled with silicon oil.
      Starting time 2s, preheating is unnecessary
      Accuracy ± 0.1% FS; ± 0.25% FS; ± 0.5% FS
      Dead zone None (≤ 0.1%)
      Stability Not exceeding the absolute value of the basic error of the max. range within 6 months
      Influence of temperature Zero error≤±0.1%/55℃, total error ≤±0.2%/55℃
      Influence of static pressure Min. ±0.2%FS, Max. ±1%FS
      Influence of vibration In any axial direction, the error is ± 0.05% / g of the upper limit of the measuring range when the vibration frequency is 200Hz.
      Influence of power supply Less than 0.005% / V of the output range
      Influence of load The load has no influence on it if the power supply is stable
      Influence of installing position A maximum of 0.24KPa zero error can be generated, but it can be corrected, without influence on the measuring range
      Structural materials Isolating diaphragm: 316LSST, Hastelloy alloy C, monel, or tantalum.
      Gas exhaust / liquid discharge valve: 316LSST, Hastelloy alloy C, monel
      Flange and joint: Electroplated carbon steel, 316LSST, Hastelloy alloy C, or monel
      O – ring contacting medium: NBR, fluo rubber
      Liquid filled: Silicon oil or inertia oil
      Bolt: Electroplated carbon steel
      Enclosure of electronic parts: Low-copper aluminum alloy
      Pressure guide connecting part connecting screw hole on the pressurized vessel /chamber :1/ 4 ~ 18NPT,connecting screw hole on the pressure leading joint :1/ 2 ~ 14NPT.
      Connecting hole of the signal wire G1/2
      Weight: Approx 3.5kg (excluding accessories)
      Standard accessories Flanged joints, gas exhaust valves liquid discharge valves and one copy of instruction manual have been provided for all the types upon delivery
      Code Type
      DR Micro differential pressure transducer
      DP Differential pressure transducer
      HP High static pressure differential pressure transducer
      AP Absolute pressure transducer
      GP Pressure transducer
      LT Flange type liquid level transducer
      DP/GP Remote differential pressure/ pressure transducer


      Code Measuring range
      2 0-0.125~1.5KPa
      3 0-1.3~7.5 KPa
      4 0-6.2~37.4 KPa
      5 0-31~186.8 KPa
      6 0-117~690 KPa
      7 0-345~2068 KPa
      8 0-1170~6890 KPa
      9 0-3450~20680 KPa
      0 0-6890~41370 KPa


      Code Functions
      E 4~20mA
      S 4~20Ma? HART protocol digital communication
      L 4~20mA adjustable ?intelligent condition


      Code Structural material
      Flange/joint Liquid discharge/gas exhaust valve Diaphragm
      22 316 SST 316 SST 316 SST
      23 316 SST 316 SST Hastelloy C
      24 316 SST 316 SST Monel
      25 316 SST 316 SST Tantalum
      56 Hastelloy C Hastelloy C Hastelloy C


      Code Static Pressure MPa
      A 1
      B 4
      C 10
      E 25
      F 32


      Code Additional functions
      M1 Linear indicator? (0~100% scale)
      M2 Square root indicator (0~10 scale)
      M4 3?-digit LCD indicator? (0~100% linearity)
      B1 Bent stand for pipe installation (pipe outside diameter Φ50~60)
      B2 Bent stand for plate installation
      B3 Flat stand for pipe installation (pipe outside diameterΦ50~60)
      D1 Gas exhaust and liquid discharge valve for the upper part of the flange side
      D2 Gas exhaust and liquid discharge valve for the lower part of the flange side
      J T-shaped joint, M20*1.5 male thread
      M “Waist-shaped” joint, NPT?” taper pipe thread
      C12 NPT?” pressure guide transition joint and rear welding pressure guide pipe
      D Flameproof type: explosion-proof rating dII BTS
      I Intrinsically safe type: explosion-proof rating iaII CT6

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